About Hiervandaan

Hiervandaan is an independent one woman illustration and art studio in The Hague. Hiervandaan was founded in 2006 by Danièle Knirim. Besides working in a stop-motion studio, I’ve been working continually on my personal work. In 2018 I happily made the move to create illustrations, collages and art in a professional manner.

Since I fell in love with paper years ago, it has been my main material to work with. It started when i was browsing in a bookstore. I opened an old worn book and this particular page popped up. Spots of the water damage and beautiful colors of the aging process triggered my imagination. I imagined a face, made from pieces of these worn papers. And so I did. To this day this is my process.

Throughout the years, I learned and gained much experience, refining my skills and sharpening my ideas. When you buy a piece of art at Hiervandaan, you’re supporting me directly. You help me create the things I love and have a happy life.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at hiervandaan@gmail.com or through my Instagram account.