About Hiervandaan

Under the name of Hiervandaan, Danièle Knirim works during the day (and night) as a freelance artist, illustrator and animator. She creates pieces of art using cut out, collage, and drawing techniques on her own projects as well as commissioned work. Recently, Danièle exhibited an illustration series of typical Dutch garden birds at Designkwartier Den Haag 2018, together with five other artists as the collective “Cabinet of Wonder”.

Danièle has over 10 years of experience as a creative producer at stop-motion animation studio Rogier Wieland, working on projects for major brands like Moleskine, LEGO, FIFA, Starbucks and IKEA. Besides managing the budget, deadlines and keeping clients happy, she practiced her hands-on creative skills on the various stop-motion films that demanded insane dedication and love for the craft. This experience brought her a skillset that she utilizes for her various creations.

Don’t hesitate to contact Danièle at hiervandaan@gmail.com or through her Instagram account.