Collage art and illustrations by Danièle Knirim

Dare to jump ‘Hemel vliegen’ the title of this work. It’s part of my highs and lows series on display @paperartanddesign from coming weekend...
Bloom when you can & spread your wings. Your intuition knows when... Enjoy the ride... I made an animation about choosing life and believe and have faith in your choices. Music by Andrew Bird Thank you for your help @snellcheeks
What are your fears? Face them.... Made an animation about your mindset in life. This scene is about facing your fears and accept them and jump into the unknown. Music by Andrew Bird and a big thank u @snellcheeks with animating
You cannot control everything... lesson learned.. I made an animation about a story to choose life and jump into the unknown. This is one of the scenes.. Music by andrew bird. Big thank u to @snellcheeks for help
Throwback Thursday..now that my last items of my expo are in the window @paperartanddesign I share with you one of my favorite works of my first expo at this lovely gallery. It’s from my undress series 💛 - - - #
Time is still on our side, so time to play and make work in my studio and to relax...
Let’s jump in 2021 and enjoy the last day of 2020 ,every last second, count down the clock tonight. This is one of my works of my Highs and Lows series, the series is on display in the lovely gallery @paperartanddesign ❤️
Vastklampen - Clinging Sometimes you want to hold on, because you are afraid of what will come. The free fall into the unknown can be very liberating... find your peace, focus on yourself... This work is part of my high and lows series now on display and sold @paperartanddesign - - - @happinez
Dompelen in somber - Plunging into gloom 30 x 42 cm This how I feel sometimes, one of my works for my new Highs and Lows series. Now on display and for sale @paperartanddesign
Still jumping & falling in my highs & lows. Making images to use for my collages for my upcoming expo @paperartanddesign ‘Floating Observations’ - - - thank you @snellcheeks
‘Hemel hangen’ 50 x 60 cm Work from my new series ‘High and low’ Using my own experiences about life... hope to fly in the sky the coming years
My new series is all about the ‘highs’ & the ‘lows’ in life. Either your jump or either you fall. Of course I love the jumps but the last few years learned a lot from the falls... Now I can enjoy the highs even more...it’s all about perspective...
н σ ℓ ι ∂ α у т ι м є .. . two weeks to play around in my studio to work on an upcoming expo. Clear my head with morning stroles & with lovely late Summer evenings
This Blackbird, together with a few others birds, will fly this week to recordstore @degroeverij in Houten. The birds are all main character of the song by pop artists. The Blackbird is from the song by the Beatles. This artwork is a collaboration @paulboswijk who made the calligraphy on this one. They are all Unique pieces. If you want to order a special bird with a text contact me! And visit this lovely expo @degroeverij