Collage art and illustrations by Danièle Knirim

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Springtime It is time to sow, let small ideas grow bigger. To be able to harvest them at the right time ♥️ Old series new works…soon more - - - @vtwonen
Come join us next Sunday @stanza_bookshop to have a conversation on creating the book cover of ‘Terminal Sur’ 19th at 16:00
So happy my illustrations are in the Happinez
When life makes you happy Work I made for my commission @happinez But did not make the magazine, let’s make it shine on insta ✨ - - - @artonpaperamsterdam
D A N C E Y O U R S E L F as light as a feather One of my illustrations from a series of six @happinez now in the magazine 🙌 Thank you @happinez for these beautiful pages
P a p e r P l a s t i c Love to make these small bottles out of my leftover papers on my desk. Play around with shapes and colour. Also think the whale loves the paper plastic 🐳🧴♥️ Soon more about these ones they get nice frames✨
Happy New Year… There is still stretch in my underwear.. - - - @discovercollage2.0 @discovercollage
Verpozen - Cocoon Time to have time to take some time to cocoon. Become one with the surface and hibernate.
And another O D E because I could not choose 🙈 Love them all! @keecie_bags
O D E to this lovely brand @keecie_bags Thank you Klaartje for all the lovely vintage papers you gave me. They are my diamonds 💎 Will post the collages to you 💌
Make your own story 50 x 70 cm and strive to be h a p p y…
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Summer is over! Time to cocoon, undress and be cosy in bed. While you hear the wind and rain dreaming about the sun
U S E D T O B E Expo open from today! Because we all work with the lost and found. Materials we give a second life. Groupexpo @loesschepens @bettinahonig @markflipseontwerp Open from 13th till 23rd of October from Thursday till Sunday. When in The Hague feel welcome to come by. I will be present at the Friday. Korte Vijverberg 2, fr om 12 till 17 o clock. Lovely frames @goedmanlijstenmakers