Collage art and illustrations by Danièle Knirim

‘What are you reading?’ Collage 40 x 50 cm Got such pretty papers @vliegerpapier last week. Gave me inspiration to start some new works and assignments. Always hard to start again after a rush of an expo.. Soon I will post some expo works✨
Schaduwhuid - Shadowskin 50 x 70 cm Work for my upcoming expo Gioco d’ombra @kempro_atelier_galerie together with the lovely flowers @laboratoriocarta The works are a reflection on last year. We have been close to ourselves, close to our skin. In the works stillness is central
Schone Schijn - Sunshine cleaning 70 x 100 cm One of my works for my upcoming expo @kempro_atelier_galerie Together with the beautiful flowers @laboratoriocarta we will display our works under the title “Gioco d'ombra”
‘Are they really seeing us’ A series of works from people pictured from the sky. In the suburb you cannot get off the grid, you get tracked anywhere.
Collection of orange 🍊🧡 Ode to the Dutch Kingsday. This superb starling landed in my orange collection found in my studio. Instead of browsing books and treasures on the flea market I am working on some assignments 🧡
WIP ‘Close to my skin’ 70 x 90 cm. Working on my new series of collage works. the works are a reflection on the past year. In which we have spent a lot of time with ourselves. I have taken many long walks and have come to appreciate the little things even more. These series will be exhibited in the lovely @kempro_atelier_galerie together with pretty paper flower objects @laboratoriocarta from half of June 🤞
Eenmaal los - Release once Last one of my Highs and lows series. It was intense to make these works. There is a lot of my own recent experiences in them. But I enjoy the movement and the energy in the works. Now it’s time to start a new series, full with ideas to make works with images that will reflect on the last couple of months. - - - @paperartanddesign
Verre afdwalen - Far wander When life is making you doubt your choices. When you feel lonesome and so far from yourself. You wander and get lost. Listening to your inner voice will bring you on the right track . Trust yourself who else only wants the best for you ❤️ Last week some of my ‘highs and lows’ series on display @paperartanddesign
Vliedend veertje - Fleeing feather 🪶 When your adrenaline makes you feel you will make the right jump with only presents as a result. You feel as light as a feather with lots of tailwind. Work on display and for sale @paperartanddesign L A S T. W E E K
Z i n k e n d - sinking When you sink in your own world you can give yourself some presents some times Work on display and for sale @paperartanddesign - - - @ddd_daily
B I O D I V E R S I T Y 💚 third prompt for @ourplanetweek For every illustration posted and tagged there will be a tree planted 🌳
P R O T E C T is the first prompt of a global art project @ourplanetweek For every illustration made and posted and tagged a tree will be planted 💚🌱
Verre wuiven - Far Floating Sometimes you don’t jump nor fall but you wander off your path.. try to enjoy this wander or get back on your track as soon as possible. Stay close to yourself❤️ Work on display @paperartanddesign
‘Keerend vliegen’ - ‘Recurring flying’ is the title of this work.. When I was a child I loved jumping rope... in this series it’s about looking further, colour outside the lines...take a leap of faith. Work is on display @paperartanddesign For info about the work you can contact me or the gallery
Dare to jump ‘Hemel vliegen’ the title of this work. It’s part of my highs and lows series on display @paperartanddesign from coming weekend...
Bloom when you can & spread your wings. Your intuition knows when... Enjoy the ride... I made an animation about choosing life and believe and have faith in your choices. Music by Andrew Bird Thank you for your help @snellcheeks
What are your fears? Face them.... Made an animation about your mindset in life. This scene is about facing your fears and accept them and jump into the unknown. Music by Andrew Bird and a big thank u @snellcheeks with animating
You cannot control everything... lesson learned.. I made an animation about a story to choose life and jump into the unknown. This is one of the scenes.. Music by andrew bird. Big thank u to @snellcheeks for help
Throwback Thursday..now that my last items of my expo are in the window @paperartanddesign I share with you one of my favorite works of my first expo at this lovely gallery. It’s from my undress series 💛 - - - #
Time is still on our side, so time to play and make work in my studio and to relax...
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