Collage art and illustrations by Danièle Knirim

This Blackbird, together with a few others birds, will fly this week to recordstore @degroeverij in Houten. The birds are all main character of the song by pop artists. The Blackbird is from the song by the Beatles. This artwork is a collaboration @paulboswijk who made the calligraphy on this one. They are all Unique pieces. If you want to order a special bird with a text contact me! And visit this lovely expo @degroeverij
For me it was longer Queensday then Kingsday. One of my favourite days of the year. I counted so many flags this morning on my strole to the beach. Lovely kingsday stay safe. 🇳🇱
A certain sweet someone asked me last week in a message if I make portraits. & I am working on 3 portraits right now. I love to Find all the shades of skin in my bookpaper. If you are interested or you want to know more contact me 💕 - - - @volkskrantmagazine
Jeuh almost spring, first some snow... so sweet birds wait a while to build your nests ❄️🦆🐣 - - - @vogelbeschermingnederland @lgenpaper
Get yourValentine postcards in time 💕 my bird cards Will fly anywhere to spread Some love @nookgallerythehague with @make_repost love