Collage art and illustrations by Danièle Knirim

For me it was longer Queensday then Kingsday. One of my favourite days of the year. I counted so many flags this morning on my strole to the beach. Lovely kingsday stay safe. 🇳🇱
A certain sweet someone asked me last week in a message if I make portraits. & I am working on 3 portraits right now. I love to Find all the shades of skin in my bookpaper. If you are interested or you want to know more contact me 💕 - - - @volkskrantmagazine
Jeuh almost spring, first some snow... so sweet birds wait a while to build your nests ❄️🦆🐣 - - - @vogelbeschermingnederland @lgenpaper
Get yourValentine postcards in time 💕 my bird cards Will fly anywhere to spread Some love @nookgallerythehague with @make_repost love
Day 31 @paperartistcollective My goal is to keep on dancing, stay close to myself & make my works. I want to show my work outside the Netherlands in a gallery this year, so fingers crossed 🤞
Day 30 @paperartistcollective I try to have enough time to finish my works. I found out that paper is not the kind of material that works well under stress. Also you need good light to see the perfect colour combination, so better not work in the night, also better for a good night sleep 😉
Day 29 @paperartistcollective The best part is that cutting and glueing collages every day feels like dancing. & I love to dance - - - @vtwonen