Collage art and illustrations by Danièle Knirim

Storage of thoughts piling up all your life stories some with an ending and some that haven’t ended yet Work on display @kunstcentrumdekolk in an expo together with the work @kleigeluk @cristina_martins_ curated @fallfromthetree Next weekend the 17th of September artists will be present and there is music by the awesome @minoukmusic with friends at 16:00 Come by and say hi 👋
My sweet colleague friend gave me this awesome cutting device. It makes the most prettiest edges you can imagine. So I will make some small collages and cut all the edges like old vintage pictures ✂️
Looking around the corner How nice would it be to look around the corner sometimes of tomorrow or a week later or a month or a year.. Let time do it’s work.. to end the stories that haven’t ended yet.. And please end them good! Expo coming up 27th of august @kunstcentrumdekolk together with @cristina_martins_ @kleigeluk curated @fallfromthetree Come by 27th of august at 16 o clock or 17 september at the salon with songs of the amazing @minoukmusic and Friends
This is my tiny studio with all its messy tiny corners filled with pretty pieces of paper Thank you @annemarije_glastra_ceramics to ask for a peek
Hey honey have a nice sweet new week. Honey and lavender, a collage I made @lilyalavanille because they have this yum flavor of ice cream
So many fragile things Thank you for the lovely expo @paperartanddesign @loesschepens Thank you for your visits and lovely comments and sales. Thank you for the pretty frames and support @goedmanlijstenmakers And thank you for all sweet people around me for your help, support and love. So I can do what I love the most.
Dreaming of a bigger studio.. Luckily our atelier building has some project spaces where I can give my work the finishing touch and look at them from a distance. Last days to see my work @paperartanddesign in the expo T O U C H
Touch 80 x 100 Connect again with each other in all the weird shapes that are possible Work on display and for sale @paperartanddesign together with the lovely work @loesschepens L A S T W E E K
Blood orange 🍊 Love to make these collages of food. Makes me hungry. I made 5 collages to decorate this lovely icecream place in Citadelle de Blaye @lilyalavanille so thankful for this commission
Still here 51 x 61,5 cm Sometimes you can feel so lost, trying to get in touch with yourself is most important. All you want and all your strength is inside you. Work for sale and on display @paperartanddesign together with the lovely work @loesschepens
Like minds 60 x 60 cm Get in touch with each other. Last one.. now on display @paperartanddesign with the lovely paperart @loesschepens I will be present in the gallery today from 15 till 17, come and say hi - - - vtwonen @elledecoration_nl @elledecorationfr
Like minds 60 x 60 cm Facing each other we can connect again One of my works on display and for sale @paperartanddesign together with the lovely paper art @loesschepens - - - @vtwonen @elledecoration_nl
Like minds 60 x 60 cm Let’s get in touch with each other again, slowly figuring out how we relate to another. Having my work on display and for sale together with the lovely work @loesschepens @paperartanddesign
Get in touch My new expo @paperartanddesign together with the beautiful work @loesschepens What was one of the most normal things, touch, suddenly became strange, during the pandemic. There was a desire for each other's attention and the abnormal became normal. How the hostile conditions in the world are now palpable adds another layer: Now that we can enrich ourselves again with art and culture, with going out and dancing, is it okay to enjoy that? When you know that so near people are living in fear and losing what they love overnight. With my new series I do not have the answer to this, I am also wavering in it. With my work in the exhibition “Get in touch” I want to show my hope. That although it feels strange and awkward, we do do the difficult interweaving together. Big thanks @annemiekvanduin for writing and editing my text
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G E T I N T O U C H This weekend my new expo will start @paperartanddesign It’s a new series of works combined with the beautiful paper works @loesschepens Topic of the expo ‘Get in touch’ Now, after two years of distance we may be closer again, we may begin to intertwine with each other. But perhaps we falter now, as we figure out again what the relationships are like. Where the boundaries were first clearly visible, they are now shadowy and we are trying to rediscover them. Interweaving and touching can even feel tense and sometimes like a struggle. Come and see! Expo will start next saturday 02nd of April from 12 - 17. I will be present ✨ Big thanks @annemiekvanduin for editing and writing my text
These war trauma’s will continue in the next generations… Stop the violence, stop the deception, stop lying, stop Russia Illustration I made a while ago to show that you need years of love to forget the trauma of war, it will be passed to the next generation. @verwonderzoek