Exhibition: Floating Observations
17 oct ’20 – 5 jan ’21

Paper Art & Design Gallery is celebrating the tenth edition of our exhibition series! What brings the current exhibition Floating Observations, with the H.E.R.B.S. paper project in collaboration with Studio Nienke Hoogvliet and concept brand FANT. There you can see the research result of one week of dyeing with Rosemary and Sage. We made many sheets of herbal paper, colored woolen scarves and collages of textile and paper. In the same exhibition Danièle Knirim shows her special new vintage collages. We celebrate the research and the arts!

My new series of works focus on the highs and lows in life. The collages are about jumping towards the sky and the nasty feeling of a free fall to a dark place. From everyone’s own emotional perspective it is recognizable when the bottom has been reached, only to start longing for the heights again. In the larger works it is persons jumping and falling, represented from different points of view. In the smaller works the figures fall into abstract forms which translate the heights and the depths.

For visiting and opening times, see the website of Paper Art & Design.

Wine label

Every year, “De Haagse Stadswijngaard”, a unique vineyard in The Hague, invites an artist from The Hague to make the wine label for their “Wine of the Year”. I was chosen to make the label for 2020.

It was such an honor to make an illustration of the bouquet of the wine. The fresh mix of flavors with a nose of freshly picked blossom, white peaches, apricots and a subtle sour.
The label and wine were launched on 19th of September on their annual open day. So thankful for this lovely commission and the bottles of wine!

Read more about the event and the vineyard on haagsestadswijngaard.nl

Expo at the Kunstuitleen Voorburg

13 November – end of December 2019
My work & the collab work from me and Manuela Bianco is on display at the Winter wonder pop up shop at the Kunstuitleen in Voorburg. You can wonder and buy it till the end of December. When you are looking for a lovely present you will definitely find something here. A very nice mixture of design and art products!

New work at Boulangerie Michel

3 November – end of December 2019
There is now new work at the lovely French bakery Michel at the Reinkenstraat.
Together with Mirlotte Huisman we decorated the lunchroom. Check it out while your drinking a coffee with a perfect croissant.

Expo at Little Green shop

5 October – ongoing
The collaboration works of me & Manuela Bianco are now on display at Little Green shop.
The shop is in the Prins Hendrikstraat of The Hague. A lovely store filled with vintage treasures surrounded by plants. Our monoprint collages are fitting perfect in the vibe of the shop.

Expo at Openbaar Ministerie

15 september – 03 december
My work is on display at the building of Openbaar Ministerie. I made for this expo a new series of works. My ‘Unseen’ serie, the works are mixed techniques drawing and collage.

The collage is cut out of pages from old books. The drawings are ink and crayon.

72 kids getting a sneek peek at my studio, what!

On 3 April 2019, 12 groups of 6 children of the “John F Kennedy” elementary school will visit my atelier at KunstPost. It’s a part of the project “Kunstenaar voor de Klas” (Artist in the classroom). The children will get a sneek peek of my studio, how I work and are able to ask questions.